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LiquidboxShop not only allows an unlimited number of products, we also give you full control over your products. The LiquidboxShop product management includes essential features such as a 4 tier product hierarchy, bulk excel import and export, auto thumb create, specials & discounts as well as set to sell only when in stock, to name a few.

General Content

The LiquidboxShop content management system allows you to manage all aspects of your shop's content. Quickly and easily add or edit banners, menus and content through your own control panel.

Contact & Maps

Your customers will easily find you through contact forms, contact information and integrated Google maps.


An important aspect of CMS that is often overlooked is the administration of users. Through the LiquidboxShop control panel, you can manage users and their areas of access. Likewise, you can manage customer accounts and their pricing levels or discount structures.


View reports on your visitor stats, trends, sales, inventory and much more. Integrated with Google analytics.


Order Processing

Manage the complete order processing chain from add to cart, to checkout, payments, order confirmation and delivery.

Email Triggers

Use emails triggers to keep your customers up to date. Send order confirmation emails on payment as well as shipping.

Additional Order Features

Create or edit incomplete orders. Request quote function as an alternative to add to cart.


Quick Set Up

The LiquidboxShop payment set-up process is designed to be as simple and effective as possible, enabling you to transact as soon as possible.

Payment Options

With LiquidboxShop, all payment options are available. You can accept credit cards and EFTs as well as have the option to sign up with a payment gateway or a virtual payment service provider.


Manage Couriers

LiquidboxShop is integrated with most major South African courier providers as well as a number of international ones.

Courier Pricing

With LiquidboxShop, you have the ability to create delivery options and specials including reduced rates over a certain order value or free delivery.

Order Tracking

All orders can be tracked by either the customer or the seller. Tracking can be done through the online shop if integrated or through the couier's website.



The LiquidboxShop platform was designed to enhance search engine optimisation through improved Google indexing, higher organic search rankings as well as increased organic visitors.

Google Adwords

Create campaigns that will reach your desired target market locally or globally and will increase customer visitation to your online shop.

Email Marketing

LiquidboxShop is integrated with MailChimp. Use email marketing to manage subscribers, create campaigns, schedule campaigns and isolate target markets for specific campaigns.

Popular Modules

Other modules available include:

Other popular modules available include: Live Chat / Support, Abandoned Cart, Events and Articles, Vouchers and Coupons as well as Product Features & Comparisons.